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About Us

Conrad Williams
CEO & Founder

Empirical Innovation is a product design & prototyping firm based out of Boston Ma. We are a tight group of designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We add value to product ideas by taking them through our highly developed and thorough design process. 

Our Methodology

At Empirical innovation we bring ideas through our fully developed product design process. We gather information from the client, help them flesh out their ideas fully, and then we come up with concepts, with some back and forth, until the client is happy with the design.


From there we finish 3D modeling the product. And finally, we can make prototypes, high-def renderings, manufacturing drawings, or send out 3D models.

Our Language, we are…

Innovative: Design that expresses technical form and function comprised in synergy.

Functional: Products that support the highest possible level of functional usability.

Desirable: Products that have a friendly, likable, and natural presence that meet the needs of the customer.

Clear: Design that supports the self-explanatory qualities of the products in order to maximize their clarity and direct usefulness; products show the customer how to use them.

Honest: Products those are open and honest, comprehensible, and self-confident.

Aesthetic: Design that stands for a philosophy that concentrates on essentials, for the logical organization of design elements, and a unique over all impression.

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